Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico: 1972 Le Bataclan '72

Le Bataclan '72 (Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico; 1972)
Slavný sejšn tří osobností rockové improvizace. Klasičtí představitelé progresivního rocku v ráži… Vlad
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Lou Reed – vocals, guitar
John Cale – vocals, keyboards, guitar, viola
Nico – vocals, harmonium
Recorded live at Le Bataclan, Paris, January 29th, 1972 Originally broadcasted by French TV. All titles composed by Lou Reed except where is noted.

Seznam stop - Tracklist

01 I'm Waiting for the Man
02 Berlin
03 The Black Angel's Death Song (Reed, Cale)
04 Wild Child
05 Heroin
06 Ghost Story (Cale)
07 The Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group of All (Cale)
08 Empty Bottles (Cale)
09 Femme Fatale
10 No One Is There (Nico)
11 Frozen Warnings (Nico)
12 Janitor of Lunacy (Nico)
13 I'll Be Your Mirror
14 All Tomorrow's Parties (encore)
15 Pale Blue Eyes
16 Candy Says

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